Name: Claire Kendrick

Hometown: Fishers, IN

Majors/Minors/Certificates: Agricultural Economics and Creative Writing

Why did you come to Purdue:  

I came to Purdue because of the number of opportunities they had for me to forge my own path with my education. By being a degree+ student as well as being involved with multiple clubs and events, I have cultivated my own unique experiences to help bring me into my future career.    

Favorite Purdue tradition:  

My favorite Purdue tradition is attending the Bucket game. The IU vs Purdue rivalry is big in my household as I have family who have gone to both. It is an exciting time for us to all get together and watch a sporting event together.  

Top three influences at Purdue:  

I would say that my top three influences at Purdue include my friends, career center advisors, and my professors. They all inspire me to work harder and keep chasing after the goals I have set for myself. Everyone affiliated with Purdue is amazing in the way that they are encouraging each other and always wanting to help you and wanting to see you succeed. 


Top five memories of your time at Purdue:  

  1. A favorite memory for me is when I went to my first Purdue football game. Getting to see the environment and feel the excitement of all the students around me is something that can only be felt in person. 
  2. Another favorite memory is when I judged the slam poetry contest for PSUB. Getting to watch people perform their craft, who are also your peers, was a new experience for me, and it made me appreciative of the college environment I am in.  
  3. Another memory I cherish is when I went to the career fair for the first time. I got to meet with so many people who are in positions I could one day see myself in, and, again, the environment was so welcoming and helpful as we all were working toward achieving our goals.  
  4. Another memory I enjoyed is when I got to do my first Dean’s Ambassador event with the College of Liberal Arts. It was so rewarding to talk about my Purdue story and bring comfort and inspiration to prospective students in the position I was once in.  
  5. Finally, I also really enjoyed the first time that everyone got together during the first big snow of my sophomore year and went sledding down Slayter Hill. It was so fun to see everyone get together and take a quick break from studying and our usual routines and just have a little bit of fun with each other. 


Places you have been as a Purdue student:  

This past summer, I got the opportunity to be in Austin, Texas, for an internship with Austin Film Festival. Being there for the summer and immersing myself in the community, I was around with my internship and being in the city was eventful and taught me a lot.  

Favorite club/organization:   

My favorite club at Purdue is the Women in Sales Club. This club just started this past semester, but my close friends are the ones who started it and working with them and supporting them as they start something they are passionate about has been inspiring as well as exciting to help with.  

Favorite student-led event/initiative:   

My favorite student-led event is the poetry slam that PSUB hosts every semester. This event was one I have had the pleasure to help judge twice now, and it is amazing to watch all the students get up and perform the poems they have been working on. It is a great night that builds a community for those who are willing to be vulnerable enough to perform their work and receive live feedback from an audience since it is slam poetry and more than reading.   

Favorite Purdue event:   

My favorite Purdue event is poetry slam. It is a time when anyone can come together and perform pieces that they have been working on. It is a fun and welcoming environment and I like being able to see what my peers have been working on both in and outside of class.  

Favorite place on campus/Favorite place to study:  

My favorite place on campus to study is Grissom. They have an area with lots of couches and tables outside of some of the advising offices and it is usually quieter in the mornings, so I go there to study or prepare for the day before my classes.  

Favorite thing about the College of Ag:  

My favorite thing about the College of Ag is the number of opportunities we are given to help us succeed. There is a culture within the school of Ag that is all of us students are all trying to create our own paths and we connect with each other with that mindset and help each other. Not only are our peers helpful but our faculty, staff, and alumni also all care about us succeeding in providing us with so many opportunities.  

Favorite class:   

My favorite class at Purdue is AGEC 430, Agriculture and Food Business Strategy. This class is very hands on in studying real-life cases of businesses and then presenting your strategies for these firms. This course took a lot of the information and knowledge we have been building thus far and applied it into real-world situations which I found exciting and rewarding when I would be able to talk through my own suggestions for business strategies.  

Favorite teacher:    

My favorite teacher at Purdue is Casey Grey. He was one of my creative Writing professors, but he was always so genuine and cared about advising me not only with my writing but with taking real steps into creating a career where I can be stable and still pursue ideas that excite me.  


Three biggest accomplishments at Purdue:  

My biggest accomplishment at Purdue was my internship this past summer. It was my first genuine experience within the industry I want to work in, and being able to be hands-on and even offer suggestions on how to increase outreach and feedback from our readers and audience at the Austin Film Festival excited me to start my career.  

Something about you that is not listed on your resume:  

Something about me that is not listed on my resume is that I love to volunteer at one of the local humane societies. Getting to go in and help walk and clean the adoptable pets up makes me feel good and is enjoyable. I love being able to spend some of my free time helping, especially when the community around me has given me so much.  

Future Plans:   

As of now, I am currently working on securing my job for the next year before I apply to graduate school to get my MFA in writing. If a position opens for me at my summer internship with the Austin Film Festival, then I will take that spot. Otherwise, I will be curating my portfolio and working with an agency that takes manuscripts and helps them get published and sold.  

Advice for lower classmen:  

My advice to lower classmen is to not immediately shut down any opportunities just because it might not align with what you think is your envisioned plan. Sometimes the opportunities that we do not think will benefit us enough are the ones that completely change our perspective. Be open to trying new things that are out of your comfort zone, and you will find yourself being rewarded with new knowledge and experience that no one else but you can accumulate.  


Biggest takeaway from Purdue:  

My biggest takeaway from Purdue is any goal or career you want is possible to achieve if you know how to get it. With enough good work and a plan, you can make daunting goals seem easily achievable. You might not have a simple path to get to where you want, so make sure you enjoy your journey of getting to where you want to be. Take your time and do it right but also do not burn yourself out and have some balance in your life.