Rooted in Gold: A Purdue Journey Through Agribusiness and Tradition 

Name: Coy Field 

Hometown: Kewanna, Indiana 

Major: Agribusiness Management

Minors and Certificates: Animal Sciences and Crop Sciences

Why did you come to Purdue: My family has been John Purdue Club members and are Alumni of this great university. For my entire life I grew up going to basketball, football, and baseball games cheering on the black and gold through the good and the bad. It was always Purdue from day one and having a top-notch Ag Econ program helped to solidify that for me.  

Favorite Purdue tradition: Paint Crew


Top influences at PurdueJo Thomas and Andy Oppy 

Favorite club/organization:  Marwood Cooperative  

Favorite Purdue event: Grand Prix 

Favorite place to study:  Rawls Hall

Favorite thing about the College of Ag: One of the best schools in the world and genuinely cares about the students and their academic/professional aspirations.  

Favorite class: AGRY 505 

Favorite teacher: Dr Corey Gerber and Dr Lee Schwitzer  


Something about you that is not listed on your resume: I will be going to school this winter to the Repper School of Auctioneering to complete my goal of obtaining an Auctioneers License.  


Future Plans: I will be heading to Iowa in June as a Production Agronomist for Corteva Agriscience where I will be responsible for growing 60,000 acres of seed soybeans for major seed brands such as Pioneer, Brevant, Seed Consultants, Dairyland Seed, etc. After that 1-2 development program is completed, I plan to move back home to be a Production Agronomist Manager or Territory Manager within Corteva and raise approximately 50 head of cow calf show cattle.  

Advice for lower classmen: These four years are some of the most academically rigorous, mentally draining, and wildly thrilling times of your life. Do not get caught up with working your life away. I caught myself in this trap over the past three years and I would do anything to try to get those moments back. Live in the moment and look forward to what is coming your way.  


Biggest takeaway from Purdue: The pride and representation of the old black and gold stretches far beyond Indiana. With your degree from Purdue the sky is the limit and there are so many people who are in our corner and are searching for that “one student” from Purdue Ag Econ.