Embrace the challenges and enjoy the journey

Name: Grant Allyn  

Hometown: Mount Vernon, Indiana 

Major/Concentration/Minors/Certificates: Agricultural Systems Management and Farm Management dual major  

Why did you choose Purdue: I chose Purdue for its renowned reputation in the agriculture industry, value, and Big Ten atmosphere.  


What is your favorite Purdue tradition: Purdue basketball games and Paint Crew  

Tell us about the top three influences for you at Purdue:

1. FarmHouse Fraternity

2. The College of Agriculture Faculty

3. Agriculture friends and connections from various parts of the US  


Top five memories of your time at Purdue:

1. Loud Big Ten basketball games in Mackey Arena

2. Witnessing the Music City Bowl victory in Nashville

3. Rushing the field against #3 Michigan State in 2021

4. Zeta Tau Alpha’s BMOC events and FarmHouse victory

5. Meeting distinguished alumni at the College of Ag Fish Fry




Places you have been as a Purdue Student:

  1. Beck’s Hybrids internship
  2.  Allyn Farming Company internship 
  3. AFA Conference
  4. Oklahoma City and St. Louis Conferences with FarmHouse Fraternity
  5. College of Ag Fish Fry  

Favorite Social Activity: Paint Crew  

Favorite student-led event/initiative: Ag Week  

Favorite Purdue event: Basketball games in Mackey  

Favorite place to study: The Agricultural and Biological Engineering building on the 5th floor conference room overlooking campus. 

Favorite thing about the College of Ag: I enjoy the small class sizes and the ability to build relationships with the professors. The overall Purdue Ag community is tight knit. 

Favorite class: AGEC 321

Favorite teacher: I have had many great professors including Dr. Buckmaster, Dr. Bob Stwalley, Mr. Harlow, Dr. Thompson, and Dr. Ehlers, but Dr. Mintert has been my most favorite.  

Three biggest accomplishments at Purdue:

1. Creating spreadsheets beneficial for farmers with Dr. Buckmaster, Noah Berning, and Sam Getz

2. Performing commodity market research under Dr. Mintert.

3. Successful leadership terms with FarmHouse Fraternity  


What is something about you that is not listed on your resume:  VP of Finance, Marketing Chair, and Recruitment Chair for FarmHouse Fraternity - ABE Ambassadors  

Have you accepted employment yet: Yes, I have accepted a full-time job with my family’s farming operation, Allyn Farming Company. 

What advice do you have for lower classmen: There are endless opportunities at Purdue and within the College of Ag to learn and better yourself. Take advantage of these opportunities to meet lifelong friends, prepare yourself for your career, and fulfill your college experiences. Build relationships with your professors as they are a source of knowledge you can utilize even after graduation.  

What is your biggest takeaway from Purdue: Embrace the challenges and enjoy the journey. With some time, effort, and a Purdue degree, you will get wherever you want to go.