Senior Spotlight: Makinzie France





Name: Makinzie France  

Hometown: Macy, IN  

Majors and Concentrations:  Agriculture Economics - Applied Economics;  Agronomy - Agronomic business and marketing  

Minor: Farm Management  

Why did you come to Purdue? I came to Purdue for multiple distinct reasons, one of them being how close it was to home. Being 1.5 hours away has allowed me to be involved on campus but also travel home when I wanted to. Another reason was because of the education that is provided by attending Purdue. I have learned skills here I would not learn anywhere else. 

Favorite Purdue tradition: Grand Prix.  

Top three influences at Purdue  

  1. Jo Thomas 
  2. My fall internship in Virginia 
  3. Crop Science Institute


Top five memories of your time at Purdue  

  1. Frying pancakes at moonlight pancake breakfast in a windstorm and fighting the power, what a time.  
  2. Living with my 3 best friends and always having them around when needed!  
  3. Traveling to Sacramento California and touring almond farms.  
  4. My whole time of working in the ag econ and agronomy departments.  
  5. Standing in line for 8 hours to get the Golden ticket, do not recommend.  


Places you have been as a Purdue student: 

  • Ada, Ohio summer 21  
  • Berryville, VA fall 22  
  • Sacramento, CA summer 22 - AFA institute  
  • Orlando, FL spring 23 - AFA institute  
  • Kansas City, MO AFA leaders institute 
  • Twin Cities, MN summer 23  
  • Washington DC- fall 23 – AFA leaders' institute  

Favorite club/organization: Agriculture Council  

Favorite student-led event/initiative: Purdue Grand Prix  

Favorite Purdue event: Farmers Market  

Favorite place on campus/Favorite place to study: I may be biased because I work there but the Crops resource center in Lilly. Krannert and Rawls are also good options. Greyhouse is a good option if coffee is needed!  


Favorite thing about the College of Ag: My favorite thing about CoA is the comradery everyone has. Everyone wants to see you succeed and do your best. I also love how small the classes can be, I have never been in a class where I do not know someone.  

Favorite class: AGRY 255 or AGEC (Agricultural Economics) 310 

Favorite teacher: Corey Gerber  

Three biggest accomplishments at Purdue:  

  1. Landing 4 internships, all vastly different.
  2. Maintaining a heavy class load while also working on campus 
  3. Helping put on 3 Grand Prix's

Something about you that is not listed on your resume:  

  • Mentor for AGEC 112 
  • CRC (Crops Resource Center) teaching assistant 
  • AG econ undergraduate advising student worker  

Future Plans:  I have accepted a full time position! I will be a sales associate with WinField United

Advice for lower classmen: Enjoy your time at college, classes are important, but it is also important to enjoy yourself. Finding the balance can be hard at first but do not bury yourself with class work. These will be the freest years of your life so enjoy it! Go sled down slayter, go to games, and hang out with friends. College is a time to have fun, it will all go by too fast.  


Biggest takeaway from Purdue: To take chances on opportunities and be open to new things.