Growing up in Purdue’s back yard this boilermaker flourished 

Name: Seth Hartman  

Hometown: Attica, Indiana  

Major: Agriculture Economics 

Minors or Certificates: Entrepreneurship  

Why did you come to Purdue: Choosing Purdue was a no brainer for me. Growing up in Attica, Purdue was practically in my backyard. That on top of being one of the best schools in the nation and having a top ag program.

Top three influences at Purdue:  

  1. Ag Econ Department 
  2. My Roommates  
  3. Entrepreneurship certificate  


Memories of your time at Purdue  

  1. First football game after Covid 
  2. Sledding at Slayter Hill 
  3. BGR  

Places you have been as a Purdue student: With my degree I was able to work at Case IH this summer in Racine, Wisconsin. Traveling the Midwest promoting their harvesting equipment such as combines and hay equipment. My role as Harvesting Marketing intern has been a great learning and professional experience. 


 Favorite club/organization at Purdue: Ag week  

Favorite student-led event/initiative: Grand Prix  

Favorite Purdue event: Grand Prix  

Favorite place to study: Krach Leadership building  


Favorite thing about the College of Ag:  The diverse range of classes available from sales to agronomy  

Favorite class/teacher: Rick Davis Entr 201 class  

Biggest accomplishments at Purdue:  

  • Graduating with a bachelor and a certificate 
  • Making dean's list freshman year  

Something about you that is not listed on your resume: I enjoy helping my family with their small show pig operation.  

Future Plans: I have not accepted employment, but I am looking for a job in agriculture, in sales and marketing.  


Advice for lower classmen: Go out to events at campus like football or basketball games. Don’t spend all your time in the classroom.  

Biggest takeaway from Purdue: Always be optimistic and hope for the best.