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Agritourism Internship Yields Full Field to Table Experience  

Brook Lahrman (Agribusiness Management; Lafayette, IN) chose to do a summer internship to be able to gain experience in the agriculture industry and network with other companies and people.  Keeping this in mind, Brook began her search by researching agritourism internships in Indiana and found Fair Oaks Farms internship opportunity.  Through her research, Brook identified a position at Fair Oaks Farm for an internship and promptly applied.  

Upon applying for the position, Brook began the interview process and eventually, acceptance and training for her new position. "I had two Zoom interviews with the Adventures staff about my background and why I wanted to work for Fair Oaks Farms.  The process was very laid back and friendly and I knew immediately that this would be the perfect internship opportunity.  The training was great as we got a private tour of the facility the first day and had different training throughout based on the different areas I worked at."  

pig facility  

Located at Fair Oaks, Indiana, Brook has spent her summer working with several sectors including the public and the livestock sides of the business. "My position includes being an Adventure Guide for the Dairy and Pig Adventure by giving tours and educating others about the agriculture industry and where their food comes from.  I was able to work directly on the pig farm and dairy farm for a few days.  At the dairy farm I helped get cows to the milking parlor and ride in the tractor to move the manure to the digester.  While working on the pig farm I helped A.I. sows and gilts and helped during the farrowing process.  I spent a week in the marketing department working on some projects.  With this internship, I was able to see and work in various areas of the business." 

cows being milked cows in facility

As an intern, Brook has been able to grow and develop professionally in several ways. For Brook, she has gained more valuable skills, networking with other interns and learning about the agriculture industry and ways everyone can contribute to make it better. Perhaps the most interesting part of this experience has been all of the different pieces that make up a business and the way that intersects with the public. "I learned a lot of things during this internship but what amazed me the most is the number of different aspects that come together to create the farm to table concept." 

While she still has a few weeks left, Brook is beginning to wrap up her summer internship experience. When asked to share something she will remember long after her internship is over, she shares, "One thing I will remember from this internship is the people I was able to meet and form relationships with.  The employees, other interns, and other companies in association with Fair Oaks Farms are some of the most knowledgeable and friendliest people I have ever met, and I am grateful to have spent an amazing summer at the #1 agritourism destination in the Midwest."