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AgEcon Freshmen Pursues Basketball Passion through Management Position 

Written by: Jo Thomas, Academic Advisor  
Cassidy Minniear (Agribusiness Management; Earl Park, IN) has been playing basketball since she was four years old. When she arrived on campus last fall to begin her freshmen year she felt completely lost without sports. Lucky for Cassidy, a few weeks in to her fall semester a friend reached out to see if she would be interested in a management position for the Purdue Women’s Basketball Team. Of course, her answer was yes. 

Taking on a management position for the basketball team came with a lot of responsibilities, many of which Cassidy was already familiar with. “Some of them were arriving before practice to set out all of their practice gear, then filling up their water bottles, the Gatorade containers with water and Gatorade, and setting up the clock and stat papers. This job may have quite a few responsibilities, but it is exactly the same thing everyday, so I just show up to do what I love doing!” 

athletes on sideline at bankers fieldhouse

As a basketball manager, Cassidy has gained several professional skills including face to face communication and time management. The skills she gained are ones she will take with her throughout her career, but perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of this positions has been the development of lifelong friendships. “My favorite part of this job is just being able to become friends with some of the players and being able to help them during practice or even staying after practice to rebound for them!”  

 While the 2019-2020 season may have concluded a little too soon due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Cassidy is looking forward to continuing her position next year. “As I continue my college career, I plan to continue being a Purdue Women's Basketball Manager!”