Matthew Jaeger

AGEC Student Experiences Sales in the Medical Industry

Written by Brooke Schafer
Matthew Jaeger (Senior; Sales and Marketing; Kokomo, IN) spent his summer as an HCP Therapeutic Inside Sales Intern with Abbott in their Nutrition Division. His focus was primarily on activities to promote and sell Nepro, a renal specific oral nutrition supplement used to boost serum albumin proteins in patients. His responsibilities not only included selling the product but also working on marketing. On the day to day, he called dieticians in dialysis clinics, met with brand managers to discuss marketing initiatives, and worked with visual software to allocate their sales force. 
Matthew Jaeger Matthew Jaeger
Jaeger said, “The overall experience was nothing short of amazing.” Beyond his responsibilities, he was able to meet with several executive officers and discuss their career paths. He was also given the opportunity to shadow an outpatient representative. But his favorite portion allowed him to travel from Columbus, OH, where his internship took place, to Abbott’s global headquarters in Chicago, IL. There, he was able to see headquarters and meet with the CEO. During the week he spent there, he learned about the history of the company and seeing what the future looks like. Jaeger added, “It gave me solid insight into how the medical industry is run and for that I am grateful.”