Agricultural Economics Sophomore Named Co-Chair Director of Purdue Rising Professionals


AgEcon Sophomore Halee Fisher (Quantitative Reasoning; Millersburg, IN) began serving as the Directing Co-Chair of Purdue Rising Professionals this April. Over the next year, Halee will serve the Rising Professionals Organization while representing the College of Agriculture. Looking ahead to the future and the impact she can make, Halee was excited to share how she got involved with the program and everything she hopes to accomplish in her new role.  

Halee first learned about the Directing Co-Chair position when she was selected to be a host for the 2021 Rising Professionals program. Each year, 30 hosts are selected, offering five positions on the Central Committee for the upcoming year. In total there are 10 Co-Chair spots, made up of five male students and five female students. 

Each year when the Rising Professional program ends, hosts are encouraged to apply for a seat on the Central Committee for the upcoming year. In order to be selected, applicants first apply and are then selected for interviews. Last year, as she finished up her term as a host, Halee decided to apply, and was selected, to serve as acting Co-Chair Director of the Rising Professionals Program. As Co-Chair, Halee serves in a role that resembles the same leadership expectations as a president of a program. "My counterpart and I will develop and oversee the Rising Professionals Program for the upcoming year. We will select the Rising Professionals, while also overseeing the Co-Chairs and their roles. Essentially, we are the administrators of the program."

While in her role, Halee will serve beside Parisa Bahrami, the other Co-Chair, who is also a Purdue student, studying Cybersecurity through the Polytechnic institute. While they haven't officially established their exact roles they have split up the bulk of their roles, with one serving in a presidential capacity and the other as the treasurer. 

When asked to share what goals she had in mind for the upcoming year, Halee explained, "My goal this year is to make the RP program our own. I want it to be different from the other years, I want it to be special. I want to create a strong team atmosphere where we strive to recruit others to make the most out of their boilermaker experience. I want Rising Professionals to be a platform/jumpstart to people's careers and professional development. I think it's so important to establish those relationships and experiences. Rising Professionals is a place for everyone. A place to learn. A place to grow. And a place to shine." 

As she looks towards the upcoming year and the opportunities it brings, Halee shares her excitement for the role. "I'm super excited to represent AGEC and the College of Agriculture! It's a role that I'm passionate about and I can't wait to see it grow to new heights."