Libby Wischmeier

Learning the importance of connection, values, and culture as a Beck's Hybrids Human Resources Intern

This summer, Libby Wischmeier (Sales & Marketing; Columbus, IN) was a Human Resources, Education, Commitment Rewards Intern at the Beck’s Hybrids Corporate Office in Atlanta, IN. This opportunity was sparked for Libby when she met with a Beck’s Hybrids representative at the Spring Career Fair during her freshman year. “Only being a freshman, I needed some more experience and time to learn and grow. However, I came back to the career fair as a sophomore at Purdue in the fall of 2021 and was offered an interview. After meeting with Beck’s through my interview and my eagerness to gain more knowledge in HR, I knew that Beck’s would be a great fit for the summer of 2022.”  

Throughout her three-month experience, Libby got the chance to spend a month working in each of the departments Human Resources, Education, and Commitment Rewards by completing a project in each area. In Human Resources, she helped with the management and protocols of the seasonal labor. In Education, she facilitated the Intern Professional Development workshop. Finally in the Commitment Rewards department, she aided in the design and shipment of a reward that was given to farmers in the program. “While interviewing in the fall of 2021, I knew that Beck’s would be a valuable company to grow professionally, but my interactions with Beck’s employees and fellow interns before and during my internship have been instrumental to my overall experience.” 

Libby mentioned that this experience has greatly impacted her outlook on her future career in a large way. She stated, “I now know the importance of a company with good values and culture as Beck’s has exceeded my expectations. Human Resources and Education have illuminated my understanding of management and team issues, how to observe and find solutions.” The most valuable takeaway she had from her internship with Beck’s though is the importance of connecting with multiple employees across different departments to learn about their story. Through this Libby was able to input on her own career path and direction for her future.