Creating a precision tool kit for FFA programs 

Brayden Mann

While trying to find his ideal career path, Brayden Mann (Applied Agricultural Economics; Cloverdale, IN) felt it was important to explore as many options as possible by taking various internships throughout the summers of his college career. “I believe that internships are a great opportunity for students to test out different fields without committing to a job,” said Brayden. “Internships give students a snapshot of a company that only lasts for a summer.”  

 Pursuing a dual degree in Agricultural Economics and Agriculture Systems Management, Brayden knew he would want to work with precision equipment. With that being said, a family friend asked him if he had considered applying to an internship with CNH because of his passion for precision agriculture. With their encouragement, he was able to find the position of “Precision Product Marketing Intern” with them and pursue that. In this role, rather than moving to New Holland, PA, Brayden worked remotely to achieve the same goals as he would have in person.

His summer project was to develop a toolkit of basic precision tools that can be utilized by FFA programs around the country. The toolkit he worked to develop will provide high school students with a basic understanding of precision technology and hopefully spark their interest in the growing industry. He enjoyed his internship and his project so much that Brayden has continued to work with CNH during the fall until he presents his toolkit at the National FFA Convention.  

Having this internship helped Brayden a lot in determining what he wants to do post-graduation. Though he is not sure yet, having this experience with a corporate company like CNH has really opened his eyes to corporate careers. He mentioned, “A shocking and valuable thing I have learned from my experience this summer is how many positions there really are in a multi-billion dollar company such as CNH.” His favorite memory from the summer was assisting with a photoshoot that highlighted new technology on their newest sprayer model. Because of his great experience with CNH – New Holland, Brayden has high recommendations that students complete internships during their summers in college to help them determine what they want to do after receiving their degree.