Lucas Juengel 


Chemical Testing Internship opens students eyes to opportunities in agriculture

Lucas Juengel, an Agribusiness Management student from Decatur, IN, decided to put his classroom knowledge to use in the industry by completing a summer internship with FMC as a chemical testing intern. While being located in Rochelle, IL, Lucas was given the opportunity to assist in the planning and implementation of the field station evaluation program. Through this he operated sprayers and other machinery, as well as participated in plot installation, sample collection and site maintenance.  


outside safe suit


Lucas chose to do a summer internship because he wanted to know what a job in his possible career field would be like while also gaining experience and knowledge that would help him in the future. While his internship with FMC did that, it also opened his eyes to many more opportunities in agriculture. He noted, “I had not looked into graduate school until now and now I am considering it.” When asked if he saw himself seeking an internship at a similar business he replied, “I would like to do more in depth things with operations, but I can see myself doing something similar if it would be in Indiana.” Not only did Lucas learn about chemical testing and operations at FMC, but he also really enjoyed his time. He stated, “My favorite memory was staying late after hours just watching the irrigator and hanging out with the other interns.” 


walking on the farm measuring


Lucas is a great advocate for the fact that networking is crucial to being successful in the industry. One of the main reasons he ever even knew that this internship existed was because he had a friend who had this internship two years prior to him. This friend was then able to introduce him to FMC at the College of Ag Career Fair in the fall and ultimately Lucas was interested and accepted the position with them. He mentioned how important it is to talk to friends and other connections to learn about internships they have previously had or may offer with their company. If he had one piece of advice to other students, he would say, “Be open to working for different companies. I had not heard of FMC until an internship there was recommended to me by my friend.”