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Sales & Marketing Internship with TTG Provides Real World Career Experience

Completing an internship experience as an undergraduate student is often an integral component to degree enhancement. In the Agricultural Economics department alone, approximately 97% of undergraduate students complete an internship before they graduate. Along with on the job experience, internships offer students the chance to test drive potential careers and explore new interests.

AgEcon rising junior Rachel Mast (Agrimarketing; Kokomo, IN.) began seeking a summer internship to get experience in the real-world.  “I wanted to further my knowledge in the world of agriculture, management, marketing, and sales. I believe it is a good way to build your connections and network. Doing an internship helps you build your confidence by going through the interview process with companies and dealing with customers on a daily basis.”

Growing up on my family farm in Kokomo, IN has familiarized Rachel with several Agriculture companies, one that particularly caught her attention was TTG Equipment. In an effort to pursue her internship interests, Rachel attended the Purdue career fair where she met with TTG Equipment and received an offer to interview with them. “I found an interest in marketing and took advantage of the opportunity in front of me. With the support from my family, I was able to take what I learned growing up from our farm and apply it to build relationships with the customers.”

rachel mast

This summer, Rachel is currently the marketing and sales intern at TTG Equipment. Based out of the Frankfort store, Rachel spends her time between Frankfort and traveling to other TTG locations for various work related tasks. “At TTG Equipment, I sell the lawn and garden equipment along with working on many marketing projects. One of my favorite marketing experiences was updating our online store front and showroom pictures. I was able to get a drone to take pictures and videos and edit them to put up on the website. I love being able to travel to the different locations and meet new co-workers along with the clientele.” 

Rachel’s intern experience at TTG Equipment has impacted her future career outlook and interests by demonstrating what skills it takes to further pursue a career in the world of business. “It has helped me become a well-rounded person by interacting with customers and co-workers. I have excelled in coming up with ideas that can help improve the company’s marketing strategies. I look forward to finding a future career in marketing.”

rachel mast

When asked to share some valuable take-always from her experience, Rachel explains, “building customer-based relationships, seeking advice from co-workers, and having a network to get my name and experience out there. There is nothing more important than that! Make a good impression on your customers and make them feel understood.”

For other undergraduate students considering completing an internship experience, Rachel shares some wisdom. “Some advice I would give to future students is to get out of your comfort zone. If you find something your interested in, go for it! When you know you’re in the right place, put your all into it and more! If you are unsure of something, don’t be afraid to ask questions or get someone else’s opinion.”

Spending the summer with TTG equipment has provided many valuable life lessons and opportunities. As her summer internship ends, Rachel is looking ahead to future opportunities. “After my experience interning at TTG Equipment, I can see myself coming back for another summer! I am also interested in finding another marketing internship or job at a similar company to expand my knowledge and see how things are done at different places.”