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Purdue Agriculture’s 19 Most Read Stories of 2019



"With Purdue, there are so many opportunities. It’s good to find out what works and what doesn’t, especially early on."

-Samantha Morris




As the semester kicks-off hundreds of new faces crop up across the College of Agriculture’s campus. Not all of these unfamiliar faces are freshmen and transfer students, however.




"This win is a huge one for the Purdue University agBOT program and the future of agriculture."

-Elliott Sass




"The recruitment they do at Purdue versus other universities and how they prioritize our career fair over others, was really impressive."

-Logan Glassburn




"There’s a whole realm of personalized nutrition with respect to microbiome science that is just waiting to be unlocked."

-Steve Lindemann




"During that PR campaign, we brought in over 800 franchise candidates from all over the country."

-Bart Lomont

robin tank



"We see positive cover crop effects anecdotally, but we want to be able to quantify those effects over time."

-Shalamar Armstrong

cover crop



"In the end, the object is to help a company or individual realize their dream."

-Brian Farkas




"His passionate leadership inspired us all to follow his example and do work that would truly make a difference."

-Jay Akridge




"Everything we do in farming is a gamble. It’s always a risk."

-Kyle Blaydes


Featured Stories

A close-up of hands with blue nail polish planting sage next to the Native American Educational and Cultural Center
Purdue Agriculture’s Sloan Scholars

The Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership (SIGP) is an organization of 11 universities funded by...

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Purdue's bell tower stands tall behind a foreground of purple petunias
Purdue agriculture professors named AAAS Fellows

Purdue College of Agriculture professors Songlin Fei and Tesfaye Mengiste have been named fellows...

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almonds on a table with almond milk
Homemade nut-based dairy analogs raise questions about bacterial risks

Many consumers know the food safety risks of dairy products, eggs and raw meat. But they are less...

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Students working in the Skidmore Lab inside Nelson Hall of Food Science.
CH4 Global partners with Food Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Institute to combat methane emissions in the cattle industry

The Food Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Institute (FEMI), housed within Purdue...

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Purdue MANRRS pose with chapter of the year award at MANRRS38
Purdue MANRRS receives chapter of the year award at national conference, making history

For the first time since its founding in 1990, the Purdue University College of...

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A bottle of Boiler Bee Honey sits on the edge of chrome table in Skidmore lab with two students cooking in labcoats and hairnets in the background.
The sweet (and spicy) taste of victory—National Honey Board funds a food science development competition at Purdue

In the past few years, specialty sauces like hot honey combined the classic warm, sweet feeling...

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