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cover crops

Carbon Markets for U.S. Row Crop Producers: Opportunities and Challenges

Recorded June 24 | Purdue ag economists Carson Reeling, Nathanael Thompson and James Mintert discussed the opportunities and challenges of the carbon markets for row crop producers.

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Cover Crop Decision Making Tool

This spreadsheet can be used to examine whether it is beneficial to use a cover crop. When evaluating cover crop use, we typically compare the potential improvement in crop yields, and fertilizer and other cost savings to the cover crop seed cost, the planting costs and potential termination costs for the cover crop.

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Farmer Adoption of Enhanced Conservation

What are and what drives the adoption of “enhanced conservation practices” on the farm? In this Purdue Commercial AgCast episode, Purdue agricultural economists Allan Gray and Brady Brewer discuss their recent research that examines the adoption practices of enhanced conservation practices.

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Cover Crop Profitability

Cover crops can have agronomic benefits but also add costs. In this Purdue Commercial AgCast episode, Brady Brewer and Megan Hughes discuss profitability on 3 cover crops – annual ryegrass, cereal rye, and an oat/radish blend.

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Cover Crops and Farm Profitability in Central Indiana

The addition of cover crops to a farm’s agricultural system can have significant impacts on the bottom line of the business.  Despite strong agronomic evidence of the positive impact cover crops have on soil health, farmers are often hesitant to adopt cover crops.

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Cover Crops: Agronomic, Economic, and Environmental Considerations

Top Farmer 2020 slidedeck presentation by Shalamar Armstrong, Assistant Professor of Agronomy, Purdue University and Nathanael Thompson, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University. An update on research that evaluates the agronomic, economic, and environmental impacts of using cover crops in Corn Belt corn-soybean rotations.

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Managing Risk: A Conversation with Scott Farms

Scott Farms is a diversified crop farm. Operators include Brian, John, and Robert. Crops produced include corn, waxy corn, popcorn, soybeans, and seed soybeans.

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