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Purdue Alumni Magazine Goes Into the Woods with FNR Foresters

Purdue's Department of Forestry and Natural Resources manages approximately 20 woodland properties throughout Indiana. The Purdue Alumnus magazine followed foresters into the woods to discover the natural beauty of those areas, learn about some of the research that goes on there, and gain a deeper appreciation of forest management and its role in helping woods grow and thrive.

Check out some of the properties and get to the know the people who manage them, forester Don Carlson and farm manager Brian Beheler, in the feature story "Into the Woods" by Kat Braz, with photos by Charles Jischke.

The article features Martell Forest, the Davis Purdue Agricultural Center, the Southeastern Purdue Agricultural Center, Darlington Woods, Nelson-Stokes-Lewman Woodland, Finley Memorial Woods and Stephens Forest.

Featured Stories

2022 AFS Meritorious Service Award honoree Tom Lang, Dr. Eva Haviarova - a Society of Wood Science and Technology woman ambassador, and sophomore wildlife major Gabby Dennis with a glaucous-winged gull chick.
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Eastern white pine trees
Intro to Trees of Indiana: Eastern White Pine

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Dr. Zhao Ma teaching
Ma Earns Research Excellence Award from HDGC Specialty Group

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Eastern red cedar foliage and fruit
Intro to Trees of Indiana: Eastern Red Cedar

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2008 Wildlife alumnus Travis Stoelting stands in a prairie
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Frimpong with graduate students studying native freshwater fish communities of Virginia.
Dr. Emmanuel Frimpong Honored as Distinguished Ag Alumnus

Dr. Emmanuel A. Frimpong was honored as a 2023 recipient of the Purdue Distinguished Agriculture...

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