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2014 Farm Bill

Livestock Disaster Programs

This article briefly discusses the Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP), the Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP), and the Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees, and Farm-Related Fish (ELAP) disaster programs. The discussion will focus on the provisions of the disaster programs that are most applicable to farmers in the Midwest.

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Price Loss Coverage (PLC) Program

Price Loss Coverage (PLC) is a new program in the 2014 Farm Bill. PLC payments are made when the national marketing year average (MYA) price falls below a legislated reference price for the commodity.

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Commodity Program Primer

The 2014 Farm Bill has completely overhauled the U.S. crop commodity payment system. Direct payment, counter-cyclical payment, and ACRE (average crop revenue election) payment programs have all been eliminated.

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Agriculture Risk Coverage-Individual (ARC-IC)

The ARC-IC calculation depends on three measures of revenue defined on the first page. The ARC-IC payment is unique in the current farm bill for its use of planted acreage in determining the level of payment received. The ARC-IC is also unique in that it only allows for payments on 65% of a farm’s base acres.

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The End of the Direct Payment Era in U.S. Farm Policy

Direct payments are to be eliminated from the new farm bill, an action that has near unanimous support among U.S. lawmakers.

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Factors Influencing Program Choices for Indiana Farmers

Indiana farmers have until March 31, 2015 to make their farm program election. The five year market outlook will have a significant impact on farmer election of new safety net programs.

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Effective Price Comparison of Indiana Crops for New Farm Programs

This fall crop producers will be asked to make their choice among three very different safety net programs newly created as part of the 2014 Farm Bill. Online decision aids promise to provide a bevy of information that farmers will need to process in deciding which program path best fits their operation and tolerance for risk.

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Agriculture Risk Coverage-County (ARC-CO)

Agricultural Risk Coverage-County Option (ARC-CO) is a new program in the 2014 Farm Bill. ARC-CO payments are made when the average county revenue for a commodity falls below that county’s revenue guarantee per acre.

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