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crop share

Incorporating Conservation Provisions into Crop Leases, Great Lake Crops Summit

Michael Langemeier presented Incorporating Conservation Provisions into Crop Leases at the Great Lake Crops Summit in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

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Comparisons of Net Returns for Crop Share Leases and a Fixed Cash Rent Lease

This article updates net return projections for 2021, and compares the net returns of two crop share leasing arrangements with a fixed cash rent leasing arrangement.

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Leasing Land

A series of leasing articles that discuss cash rents and land values.

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Flexible Cash Lease Comparisons

Compare the net returns of a crop share arrangement with two flexible cash lease arrangements.

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Comparing Net Returns for Alternative Leasing Arrangements

A west central Indiana case farm is used to illustrate net returns to land derived from crop share, fixed cash rent, and flexible cash lease arrangements.

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Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers’ Assessment of Indiana’s Farmland Market

Even with a severe drought during the summer of 2012, the Indiana land market continues to move higher. The February 2013 issue of the AgLetter, a Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago newsletter, indicated that farmland values in the Seventh District (Iowa, and parts of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin) increased 16% from January 1, 2012 to January 1, 2013.

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