Top Farmer Conference: January 5, 2024

Explore key factors influencing the U.S. economy & biofuels future. Join us for a one-day conference that will stimulate your thinking about agriculture's future and how you can position your farm to be successful in the years ahead. Attend in person in West Lafayette, Indiana or join us remotely.

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Financial & Risk Management Strategies for 2023 at Commodity Classic

Purdue ag economists James Mintert & Michael Langemeier shared key lessons from 2022 and help producers plan for the financial and risk management realities of 2023. Live from Orlando, Florida at the 2023 Commodity Classic Learning Center Session on March 9, 2023.

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Contingency Planning with Cash Flow Shortages

As cash flows from the farm operation become tighter due to COVID-19 and weaker commodity prices, it is necessary to find other funds to help pay for asset purchases or delay asset purchases, and to repay debt. On this episode, Purdue agricultural economists Michael Langemeier and Brady Brewer discuss contingency planning, a course of action…

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Agricultural Finance and Credit Update

Agricultural finance topics such as farm income, equity, debt, federal reserve policy, bank positioning, and credit analysis are covered on this episode of the Purdue Commercial AgCast. Purdue ag economists Jason Henderson and Brady Brewer discuss the current agricultural finance conditions affecting farms and agricultural lenders.

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Deterioration of Working Capital

This article discusses recent trends in working capital and differences in working capital among farms, and provides working capital benchmarks. Data from USDA-ERS, the Kansas Farm Management Association, and the Center for Farm Financial Management in Minnesota is utilized.

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Preparing to Meet with Your Ag Lender

The slidedeck presented by the Center’s Michael Langemeier during the farm finance presentation at our Crop Marketing & Farm Finance Workshops. The session explored the use of enterprise budgets to evaluate long-term enterprise profitability, and whole-farm financial projections to evaluate profitability and repayment capacity for the upcoming year.

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The Incidence of Financial Stress on Kansas Farms

Though both having a negative profit margin and a debt to asset ratio over 0.70 are important determinants of financial stress, a high debt ratio explains the vast majority of the variation in financial stress over time.

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Impact of Recent Changes in Corn and Fed Cattle Prices on Cattle Finishing Net Returns

This article discussed recent trends in feeding cost of gain, the feeder to fed price ratio, and cattle finishing net returns. Average cattle finishing losses in the first six months of 2019 were $52 per head.

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Using Stress Testing to Examine the Impact of an Increase in Interest Rates

Stress testing can be an extremely useful tool when evaluating strategies for dealing with lower prices, higher costs, asset purchases, and changes in loan terms.

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Fall 2018 Crop Outlook

Recorded September 13, 2018 | Updated corn and soybean outlook following the release of USDA’s Crop Production and WASDE reports.

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Exploring Changes in the Current Ratio from 2006 to 2017

Data from three farm management associations and USDA-ERS to further explore trends in the current ratio.

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