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Prospects for Swine Feed Costs in 2019

Prospects for Swine Feed Costs

Examine recent trends in feed costs for farrow-to-finish and swine finishing enterprises, and the impact of changes in corn and soybean meal prices on swine finishing feed cost.

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Low Hog Prices to Start the Year

Hog prices have been struggling so far this year. In February, USDA estimated live prices were $39.04 per hundredweight, the lowest February price in 16 years dating back to 2003.

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Swine Feed Cost Projections for 2019

Examines trends in feed costs as well as the impact of corn and soybean meal prices on swine finishing feed costs.

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Pork Industry May Face Large Losses

With large losses a possibility, pork producers will want to consider how these losses might impact their business and make adjustments in preparation.

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Increasing meat production likely to push cattle prices lower

Increasing beef production, combined with larger pork and chicken production, will exert substantial downward pressure on slaughter cattle prices the rest of the year.

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Do you know how important trade is for the U.S. meat industry?

Growth in trade of animal products has been quite dramatic since the mid-1980s and U.S. agricultural producers – those engaged in animal agriculture and those engaged in feed grain and oilseed production – have benefited greatly.

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​Ag Business Climate Outlook for 2018

Recorded January 3, 2018 | Purdue ag. economists Chris Hurt, Michael Langemeier & Jim Mintert discuss the ag. economy outlook and management strategies for 2018.

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Hog Prices Strengthen

Hog prices this fall have been stronger than anticipated. In early October, USDA analysts estimated that fourth quarter live prices would average $38-$40 per hundredweight.

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Pork Industry’s Sustainable Expansion

The pork industry has been in expansion now for three years dating back to 2014 when the PED virus reduced pork supplies and sent hog prices to record highs.

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Weather Clouds Pork Outlook

Pork producers are watching the weather forecast almost as intently as crop producers. Higher feed prices driven by weather forecast are now a new threat to their returns.

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