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Financial Management – Statements & Analysis

A series of financial management articles that examine financial statements and financial analysis. Financial management involves the evaluation of liquidity and solvency, financial planning, acquisition and use of financial resources, asset purchases and farm growth, and relationships with agricultural lenders.

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​Ag Business Climate Outlook for 2018

Recorded January 3, 2018 | Purdue ag. economists Chris Hurt, Michael Langemeier & Jim Mintert discuss the ag. economy outlook and management strategies for 2018.

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Transferring Farm Machinery Through a Lease Agreement

There are numerous methods to transfer the ownership of farm machinery. Lease agreements often lower the cash flow requirements of the younger generation.

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Accelerated Depreciation and Machinery Purchases

This article discussed items that need to be considered in addition to tax management strategies when evaluating the decision to purchase machinery and equipment.

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Depreciation and Expensing Options

This article reviews depreciation and expensing options for recent years and options currently available for 2013 and 2014. The discussion emphasizes changes affecting agricultural producers and farm businesses.

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Crop Insurance Indemnities: Some Tax Considerations for 2013

Corn and soybean yields for most Indiana producers are higher in 2013 than they were in 2012, but crop prices are lower. A number of producers may also have crop insurance indemnities from 2012 crops which have not yet been reported as income.

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Is the Current Farm Prosperity Sustainable? What to Watch

Many are asking whether the current prosperity in farming is sustainable. The answer is not obvious, but the following “what to watch” list might provide a useful perspective to answer this question.

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Drought, Livestock, and Income Taxes

Many Midwestern livestock producers have been adversely affected by weather conditions in 2012. Because of reduced feed supplies, some livestock producers have reduced their herd size through larger than normal sales of livestock in 2012.

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Is This Farm Boom Different?

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Symposium, July 16-17, 2012 – Conference Rapporteur: Is This Farm Boom Different? | This has been a very stimulating and informative symposium. First,I will summarize the key “take-aways” of the presentations from my perspective. Then I will make some additional observations and identify some key uncertainties that are shaping the future of agriculture–“what to watch” in these turbulent times.

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