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Pro forma Financial Statements

A spreadsheet to create pro-forma income and sources and uses of funds statements, and to compute repayment capacity and liquidity measures.

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Silage / Earlage Decision Aid

This South Dakota State University Extension Silage/Earlage Calculator is designed to help corn and livestock producers answer questions regarding the value of standing fields of corn either as grain, silage and earlage.

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Corn Silage Production Budget

This Ohio State University spreadsheet calculates a corn silage production budget. Without some form of budgeting and some method to track your enterprises’ progress you’ll have difficulty determining profitability and if you’ve met your goals for the farm.

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Prevented Planting and Replant Decisions

With corn and soybean planting in the Eastern Corn Belt behind schedule, many farmers are dealing with prevented planting and replant decisions. In response, we have put together materials pertaining to these decisions.

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Long-Term Cash Rent Decisions Using A Cash Rent Decision Tool​

Recorded December 18, 2015 | A demonstration of use of a cash rent spreadsheet tool to calculate breakeven cash rents, compare the breakeven cash rent to local market rents, compute the market rate premium (if any) above the breakeven rate and the impact paying premiums could have on a farm’s liquidity over the course of the next five years.

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Evaluating Your Farmland Rental “Options”

Gross revenues for most Indiana corn and soybean farms reached unprecedented levels during 2006 through 2013, but declined sharply in 2014 and 2015. The revenue decline, which will be exacerbated on many Indiana farms by yield reductions caused by this spring and summer’s excessive rainfall, is putting tremendous pressure on operating margins.

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Corn Drying and Shrink Comparison

Iowa State University offers corn producers resources to help weigh potential delayed harvest and/or result in additional field losses due to drier stalks and ears against potential drying charges and/or discounts.

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Comparison of Drying Systems

Use Iowa State University’s spreadsheet decision tool to compare total drying cost per bushel based on the type of drying system and price inputs.

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Equipment Lease Analyzer

This University of Missouri equipment lease analyzer is designed to answer 2 questions regarding leasing farm equipment. First it seeks to determine whether a lease or a purchase is more profitable and feasible from a cash flow perspective. Second it helps decide the annual contract hours for a lease.

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