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Pork Industry Favored by Strong Demand

Prices will be supported by stronger demand because of a growing U.S. economy and by a robust eight percent growth in exports as projected by USDA.

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Net Return Prospects for Cattle Finishing in 2017

This article discusses recent trends in feeding cost of gain, the feeder to fed price ratio, and cattle finishing net returns. Current breakeven and fed cattle price projections create an environment that is at a minimum cautiously optimistic.

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Hog Prices Outperform Expectations

The pork industry outlook has experienced a major shift to the upside. Pork producers are pleased to see 2017 hog prices higher than expected.

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Cattle Industry Still in Expansion Mode, at Least for Now

The dramatic price decline, and resulting falloff in profitability by cow-calf producers, led to questions about possible impacts on industry expansion. The report leaves little doubt that the industry is still in expansion mode, at least for now.

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More Pork in 2017 with Higher Hog Prices?

The latest Hogs and Pigs report released on December 23 indicated that pork supplies in 2017 will be larger than pre-report expectations.

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Hog Prices Join Corn and Wheat at Ten-Year Lows

What can happen to prices of agricultural commodities in a decade, and why look at the last decade? It is because it was 10 years ago in the fall of 2006 that agricultural commodity prices began to head upward in what can be described as a boom/moderation price cycle.

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Cattle Prices: More Room for Recovery?

The cattle industry has been through numerous shocks including high feed prices and drought in recent years. In trying to discover the right price, markets often have to overshoot and then undershoot as they continue to adjust in the search for the correct price.

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Pork Outlook Turns Sour

Hog prices have collapsed to levels far below breakeven. There is worry that there are more hogs headed to market this fall than available packing capacity, and the latest USDA inventory indicates there are more hogs than had been anticipated.

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Impact of Lower Corn Prices on Feeding Cost of Gain and Cattle Finishing Net Returns

Both fed cattle and corn prices have dropped significantly during the last year. Specifically, since September 2015 fed cattle prices in Kansas have declined approximately 23 percent (from $137.35 to $106.07 per cwt).

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Beef and Pork’s Role in Filling the Supply Gap

Producers of beef and pork have generally been discouraged about recent low prices as cash prices have dropped sharply this year. Spring finished cattle price highs were near $138 per live hundredweight, but last week had fallen to $115, a $23 plunge.

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