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Purdue’s Institute for Digital Forestry merges digital technology and cross-disciplinary knowledge to revolutionize an industry with tremendous economic and ecological impacts.

a robotic arm reaches out to touch a corn plant leaf. you can see the Sheeraz Athar, Jian Jin, and Yu She in the where the arm bends

How robots touch on the future of agriculture

Walking into Purdue’s Mechanisms And Robotic Systems (MARS) Lab feels like falling into a child’s imagination of what a lab could be....

Forest in the spring time

Chris Ardohain: Purdue’s Esri student of the year

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Ardohain is not your average Purdue graduate student. There’s the “Lieutenant Colonel” part, to...

Purdue's bell tower stands tall behind a foreground of purple petunias

Purdue agriculture professors named AAAS Fellows

Purdue College of Agriculture professors Songlin Fei and Tesfaye Mengiste have been named fellows by the American Association for the Advancement...

Jingjing Liang stands tall in front of a wall of monitors showing pictures of different forests.

Scientists from dozens of countries coming to Purdue for forestry collaboration in Science-i Bridging Worlds Workshop

In the spirit of building a community to manage and protect the world’s forests, Liang and his colleagues in Science-i created the Global Big...

Jinh Jung in front of computer

Purdue geomatics professor debuts open-source platform at upcoming NAPPN meeting

When someone wants to watch or share a video, they likely go to the free video sharing website YouTube, says Jinha Jung, associate professor of...

Forest Canopy

Complex tree canopies help forests recover from moderate disturbances

Extreme events wipe out entire forests, dramatically eliminating complex ecosystems as well as local communities. Researchers have become quite...

Jingjing Liang gave an invited seminar at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome.

Taking Environmental Expertise Abroad Brings Ideas Back Home

When it comes to the need for agricultural irrigation, Peru and Indiana have little in common. But Keith Cherkauer, professor of agricultural and...

Bedrich Benes in his office

AI learns to simulate how trees grow and shape in response to their environments

A research team from Purdue University’s Department of Computer Science and Institute for Digital Forestry, with collaborator Sören Pirk...

uav data on a monitor

Data-Driven Seminar Series

Purdue College of Agriculture presents a seminar series featuring experts in data science, digital agriculture and digital forestry.

From centuries-old, hand-drawn maps to LiDAR lasers & the role of both in forestry

From centuries-old, hand-drawn maps to LiDAR lasers & the role of both in forestry

An army of bow saws and boots march through dense thickets of forest patches in the Chicago region, cutting away greenery in the city and its...

The walnut plantation at Martell Forest.

Detection & Prediction: How technology is fighting a future of tree diseases and invasive insects

The black walnut tree (Juglans nigra), prized for its rich, dark color in hardwood furniture and floors, is native to Indiana and the eastern...

Ismail Olaniyi flies a UAV up above the trees.

The crossroads between lemon trees and technology

In warmer southern and western states, citrus orchards are important for feeding and bringing communities together as well as providing major...

Mariana prepares DNA samples for testing at her lab bench.

Witches’ brooms are more than a Halloween staple this year: How digital forestry is combating phytoplasma tree infections

The national flower of Brazil, known locally as Ipê (Handroanthus and Tabebuia), is under attack by a phytoplasma. These parasitic bacteria...

The XPRIZE Rainforest semifinal competition was held in Singapore’s urban rainforest last spring. Purdue University was a member of Team Welcome to the Jungle, led by the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Purdue Digital Forestry team advances to $10 million XPRIZE Rainforest competition finals

Purdue University competitors for XPRIZE Rainforest, a global cross-disciplinary challenge of monitoring tropical biodiversity, and their Illinois...

Purdue undergraduate Avery Fess works in the field with Songlin Fei, professor of forestry and natural resources and the Dean’s Chair of Remote Sensing.

$10 million USDA grant to fuel economic resilience and sustainability in Eastern U.S. forests

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded a $10 million grant to Purdue University to help landowners and stakeholders better adapt their...

Aerial image of forest with fall foliage

Digital revolution inspires new research direction in ecosystem structural diversity

A special issue of the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment lays the foundation for pursuing structural diversity as a new research...

Man sitting high up in a tree, strapped in.

Purdue launches new AI-based global forest mapping project

Purdue University’s Jingjing Liang has received a two-year, $870,000 grant from the World Resources Institute to map global forest carbon...


Throwing shade: A.I. project a breakthrough in urban forestry

Beyond offering cooling shade, research shows trees can influence microclimates and help reduce the toll of heat waves on the electrical grid and...

photo of lidar in the forest

Purdue team introduces advance in automatic forest mapping technology

How lightning travels from the sky to the ground inspired the concept behind a new algorithmic approach to digitally separate individual trees from...

High resolution aerial photo captured by a drone shows individual trees at Martell Forest in West Lafayette, Ind.

Purdue to boost climate-smart forestry practices among private landowners

Purdue University has received $12 million of a $35 million project led by the American Forest Foundation and funded by the U.S. Department of...

Spongy moth larvae eating leaves

Purdue, U.S. Forest Service launch new and improved Alien Forest Pest Explorer

Purdue University and the U.S. Forest Service today announced the new and improved Alien Forest Pest Explorer interactive web tool.

Professor Fei flying drone in woods

Integration leads to leap in tech for forest inventory, management

Through integration of aerial and ground-based mobile mapping sensors and systems, a team of Purdue digital forestry researchers has used advanced...

China research

New Research Grant Aims to Map Planted Forests in China

Jingjing Liang, assistant professor of quantitative forest ecology, is aiming to improve the accuracy of the current map of planted forests in...

Trees from above with the colors of the fall

Remote sensing, digital tech advance tools for precision forestry

Powerful partnerships among Purdue University's colleges of agriculture, engineering and science will advance digital forestry tools to save...

aerial lidar image of forest

Digital Forestry: Aerial Remote Sensing

Purdue University researchers share about key developments and applications of aerial remote sensing in digital forestry such as the application of...

Purdue's Next Moves

Purdue launches Next Moves initiatives

Purdue University on Friday (April 9) officially launched Purdue’s Next Moves – five new distinct strategic initiatives designed to...

Team holding check

Students see growth potential in competition-winning biostimulant

In a contest created to develop novel applications for soybeans, it’s hard to beat a 98% soybean crop stimulant that improves soybean...

lidar image of forest

Digital Forestry: Terrestrial Remote Sensing

Purdue University researchers share how to use state-of-the-art terrestrial LiDAR, photogrammetry, and integrated systems to conduct...

Forest in northeast China

Big data, machine learning shed light on Asian reforestation successes

Since carbon sequestration is such an important factor for mitigating climate change, it’s critical to understand the efficacy of...

forest lidar

LiDAR-based tree inventory – not Sci-Fi anymore

Drs. Gang Shao, Guofan Shao, & Songlin Fei of Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources recently published the article - Delineation of...