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Find out what our students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners are doing by our Forestry and Natural Resources' News and Stories.

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Dr. Dan Cassens with student workers in a sleigh at Cassens Trees; Dan and wife Vicki at the statehouse with Governor Mike Pence; student workers in Cassens Tree Shop

Cassens Trees Provides Learning Ground for FNR Student Workers

Dr. Dan Cassens, a professor emeritus in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources following a more than 40-year career at Purdue, enlists...

Chinkapin Oak

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Chinkapin Oak

Meet the Chinkapin Oak or Quercus muehlenbergii, which features leaves with shallow evenly lobed margins and the appearance of sharp-pointed teeth....

FNR's Elizabeth Flaherty and Julie Pluimer among the 2022-23 Purdue College of Agriculture Faculty and Staff Teaching Awards recipients

Flaherty, Pluimer Earn College of Agriculture Excellence in Teaching Awards

Dr. Elizabeth Flaherty, associate professor of wildlife ecology and habitat management, and Julie Pluimer, academic advisor and administrative...

Nathan Lutz as an Indiana conservation officer: with a pair of antlers, assisting a child shooting a bow, holding an owl, and with a family at a shooting range.

Alumnus Nathan Lutz Continues to Evolve in Career

Nathan Lutz, a 2017 interdisciplinary agriculture alumnus, never gave up the urge to complete what he had started at Purdue despite becoming an...

Glee Club member Steven Kelly with his family

FNR Faces in the Crowd: Steven Kelly, Glee Club

One constant throughout his time at Purdue for senior aquatic sciences major Steve Kelly has been music, namely his participation in the Purdue...

Purdue University Bell Tower

Seven Purdue Agriculture faculty members recognized for teaching excellence

The Office of Academic Programs, along with the College of Agriculture Awards Committee and Agricultural Research and Graduate Education, announced...

Chestnut Oak leaves

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Chestnut Oak

Meet the Chestnut Oak or Quercus montana, which has dark, deeply ridged bark; small, evenly lobed rounded margins on its leaves, and large dark...

Swamp white oak leaves

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Swamp White Oak

Meet Swamp White Oak or Quercus bicolor, which has leaves with wavy, uneven lobed margins with blunt teeth, which are wider toward the tip than at...

Dr. Shaneka Lawson with her REM Presidential Safety Award

Lawson Named REM Presidential Safety Award Honoree

Dr. Shaneka Lawson, a USDA Forest Service Research Plant Physiologist and FNR adjunct assistant professor, has been named as a 2022 honoree for the...

2022 John F. Datena Distinguished Forester Award honorees Burney Fischer, Joe Schuerman Jr., and Ken Day

Alumni Fischer, Schuerman Honored with Datena Distinguished Forester Award

Three foresters with exemplary careers, including two Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources alumni, were recognized with the John F. Datena...

Bur oak leaves

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Bur Oak

Meet bur oak or Quercus macrocarpa, which features leaves with rounded lobes, highlighted by deep sinuses, which are very broad across the top. The...

Walnut trees in Martell Forest

New study to examine how plants transport water from soil to atmosphere

Purdue University’s Elin Jacobs, has received a three-year, $911,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to explore how tree roots help...

A volunteer plants a nursery plant into a community garden.

National Sea Grant partnerships address water equity in marginalized neighborhoods

Angelica Weaver, a social worker and organizer of the InnerMission Neighborhood Farm, said after meeting Purdue Extension educators at a...

White oak leaves

Intro to Trees of Indiana: White Oak

Meet white oak or Quercus alba, one of the most common upland hardwood species in Indiana, which has alternately held leaves with rounded lobes,...

David Savage with acoustic monitoring equipment

FNR Graduate Student Spotlight: David Savage

PhD student David Savage pivoted from planned research on coffee plantations in Colombia to a similar project utilizing acoustic recorders on...

red bat photo

Unexpected Plants and Animals of Indiana: Eastern Red Bats

Contrary to the poem by children’s author Shel Silverstein and commonly-made associations of bats with darkness, it may be surprising to hear...

Red mulberry leaves and trunk

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Red Mulberry

Meet the red mulberry or Morus rubra. This species has variable leaves, which can come without lobes (entire) or with two (mitten), three or even...

Master's student Erin Christian stands in a field

Master's Student Erin Christian Earns ILMS Scholarship

Master’s degree student Erin Christian has been recognized by the Indiana Lakes Management Society with one of its 2022-23 scholarships.

Eastern Hellbender salamander

Help the Hellbender Program Receives Hoosier Outdoor Writers Conservation Award

The Help the Hellbender team, led by Dr. Rod Williams, professor of wildlife science, has been honored by the Hoosier Outdoor Writers group with...

Red maple leaves

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Red Maple

Meet the red maple or Acer rubrum, which has simple three to five-lobed leaves with relatively shallow, v-shaped divisions between the lobes. In...

Silver maple leaves

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Silver Maple

Meet silver maple or Acer saccharinum, which has simple, typically five-lobed leaves with deeply cut divisions, or sinuses, between the lobes. The...

Black maple tree and leaves

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Black Maple

Meet black maple or Acer nigrum, which commonly has stipules, or miniature leaves, at the base of the leaf stem, mottled gray stems and black...

photo of lidar in the forest

Purdue team introduces advance in automatic forest mapping technology

How lightning travels from the sky to the ground inspired the concept behind a new algorithmic approach to digitally separate individual trees from...

Dr. Rob Swihart at a ceremony renaming Lugar Farm.

Swihart Honored for Work in Mammalogy Education

Dr. Rob Swihart has been honored for his work in mammalogy education with the Joseph Grinnell Award, presented by the American Society of...

Sugar maple tree featuring bright orange fall color

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Sugar Maple

Meet the sugar maple or Acer saccharum, also called hard maple, which has oppositely arranged simple leaves typically with five lobes, two smaller...

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