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Find out what our students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners are doing by our Forestry and Natural Resources' News and Stories.

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Scotch pine needles and cones

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Scotch Pine

Meet the scotch pine, or Pinus sylvestris, also known as Scots pine, which has clusters of two blue green or yellow green needles, which are one to...

A weather station at Martell Forest, an American marten, alumna Zoe Alameida, a long-tailed salamander

FNR Year in Review 2022: The Research and Outreach

In this segment of the FNR 2022 Year in Review, we take a look at the research advances, breakthroughs, grants and publications produced by FNR...

Red pine trees

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Red Pine

Meet the red pine, or Pinus resinosa, which is not native to Indiana, but has been planted widely across the state. This conifer has clusters of...

2022 AFS Meritorious Service Award honoree Tom Lang, Dr. Eva Haviarova - a Society of Wood Science and Technology woman ambassador, and sophomore wildlife major Gabby Dennis with a glaucous-winged gull chick.

FNR Year in Review 2022: The People

The 2022 calendar year saw several FNR faculty, staff, students and alumni represent the department both locally and nationally through awards and...

Eastern white pine trees

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Eastern White Pine

Meet the eastern white pine or Pinus strobus, the only five-needled pine native to Indiana. Each bundle of needles or fascicle, has five needles,...

Dr. Zhao Ma teaching

Ma Earns Research Excellence Award from HDGC Specialty Group

Dr. Zhao Ma will receive the Human Dimensions of Global Change (HDGC) Specialty Group’s Research Excellence Award at the American Association...

Eastern red cedar foliage and fruit

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Eastern Red Cedar

Meet Eastern red cedar or Juniperus virginiana, one of the most common coniferous trees in Indiana. This evergreen tree, also known as aromatic...

A maple syrup farmer boils down the tappings from a maple tree.

For the second year, Acer grant boosts Indiana maple syrup industry

Once the biggest producer of maple syrup in the United States, Indiana is working to remind Hoosier residents of its ability to craft some of the...

2008 Wildlife alumnus Travis Stoelting stands in a prairie

Stoelting Follows Wildlife Interest from HEE to DNR Biologist Role

After developing an interest in wildlife at an early age and immersing himself in it, there was no question that Travis Stoelting would end up...

Frimpong with graduate students studying native freshwater fish communities of Virginia.

Dr. Emmanuel Frimpong Honored as Distinguished Ag Alumnus

Dr. Emmanuel A. Frimpong was honored as a 2023 recipient of the Purdue Distinguished Agriculture Alumni Award. Frimpong, who earned his PhD in...

Black willows in Texas. Photo by James P.S. Case.

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Black Willow

This week, we meet Black willow or Salix nigra, the only tree-sized willow in the state of Indiana. This species has long, narrow leaves with short...

Butternut tree leaves

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Butternut

Meet Butternut or Juglans cinerea, also known as white walnut. This species, which has slowly disappeared from the landscape due to a fungal...

Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake

Unexpected Plants and Animals of Indiana: Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake

Almost exclusively, an online search for rattlesnakes returns images of large, aggressive-looking snakes in hot, dry deserts. In reality,...

Purdue student chapter of the American Fisheries Society receiving the Most Active Student Subunit Award , also pictured electrofishing

Purdue AFS Student Chapter Honored by North Central Division

The Purdue Student Chapter of the American Fisheries Society has earned the Most Active Student Subunit Award for the North Central Division, for...

Black walnut leaves and nuts

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Black Walnut

Meet Black walnut or Juglans nigra, which has compound leaves with several pairs of leaflets along the individual leaf stems. The leaves, which are...

Paul Brown, professor of forestry and natural resources at Purdue University, oversees the lab’s experimental aquaponics systems.

$10 million USDA grant targets more Midwestern seafood production and consumption

Purdue University has received a five-year, $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to increase the production of seafood, also...

Professor emeritus Carl Eckelman works in the wood lab, pictured with Dr. Eva Haviarova, and on his 89th birthday.

Tales from FNR with Professor Emeritus Carl Eckelman

Professor emeritus Carl Eckelman came to Purdue as an undergraduate in 1956 and never left, completing his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees...

Purdue undergraduate Avery Fess works in the field with Songlin Fei, professor of forestry and natural resources and the Dean’s Chair of Remote Sensing.

$10 million USDA grant to fuel economic resilience and sustainability in Eastern U.S. forests

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded a $10 million grant to Purdue University to help landowners and stakeholders better adapt their...

Tulip tree leaves

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Tulip Tree

Meet the Tulip tree or Liriodendron tulipifera, also known as the tulip poplar or yellow poplar. The state tree of Indiana features large, simple,...

The unfinished Block P statue at Purdue

Gurevitch Honored as Distinguished Professor, Ma Selected for Leadership Program

Dr. Jessica Gurevitch, who began her tenure as the new FNR department head in January, was named as a Distinguished Professor as the Purdue Board...

Dr. Glenn Juday receives his 2023 Certificate of Distinction award at the Ag Alumni Fish Fry.

Dr. Glenn Juday Honored with Certificate of Distinction

Glenn Juday, a 1972 forest management alumnus, has been named as a 2023 recipient of the College of Agriculture’s Certificate of Distinction.

Sycamore tree, with emphasis on its white crown

Intro to Trees of Indiana: Sycamore

Meet the Sycamore or Platanus occindentalis. The large leaves of this species have three to five lobes and loosely resemble that of maples, but are...

Dr. Vikram Chhatre doing field work

Dr. Vikram Chattre Hired as Forest Service Research Geneticist

Dr. Vikram Chhatre is joining the Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center (HTIRC) and U.S. Forest Service staff at Purdue, as a research...

Aerial image of forest with fall foliage

Digital revolution inspires new research direction in ecosystem structural diversity

A special issue of the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment lays the foundation for pursuing structural diversity as a new research...

Least Bell's Vireo, Photo by Adam Jackson, Macauley Library

Researchers Aim to Understand Threats to Endangered Least Bell's Vireo

Pat Zollner, professor of wildlife science in the Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, is the principal investigator on a research...

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