Inclusive Excellence


  • Advance new models of best practices, attending to core values and culture, for integrating diversity, equity and inclusive excellence into the living culture of the College.
Student working in lab

Key Characteristics

  • Advocacy of the value of multicultural competence, diversity, equity and inclusive excellence throughout the College.
  • A culture of welcoming all people that offers opportunities for everyone to succeed and thrive.
  • A collaborative community where the benefits of human and intellectual diversity, and inclusive excellence, are valued as intrinsic assets at the core of educational and professional development.
  • A sense of belonging with respect and dignity, transparency and freedom of self-expression, open communication and individual identities embraced for inclusivity and excellence that strengthen a multicultural community.
  • Equity in representation among faculty, staff and students demonstrated through recruitment, retention, professional development and participation in collaborative activities.
  • Peer recognition of the College's diversity and inclusion programs as new models of best practices that inform other educational environments for emulation.

Key Strategic Initiatives

  • Equip faculty, staff and students with tools to recognize what it means and takes to have a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Conduct new College employee welcome orientation (faculty, staff, graduate students) through:
    • Initial diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) conversations.
    • Professional development with continued DEI conversations for expansion of DEI awareness.
  • Respect the value of staff with support (e.g., time release, financial assistance) for professional development in DEI and for career advancement.
  • Establish DEI core curricula and training programs to be available for all in the College.
  • Develop affinity groups for the College.
  • Create recruitment initiatives to increase the diversity of staff hiring pools.
  • Create guidelines, expectations and rubrics for assessing DEI compliance and competency of staff and faculty to use when assigning merit.