vision and mission

The 2021-2026 Purdue University College of Agriculture Strategic Plan outlines the vision, mission, goals and strategic initiatives for the college.

Extension specialist standing in front of a group with a drone.The Big Picture

At a glance, the Big Picture view of this strategic plan is anchored to the following premises as the defining aspects of our College of Agriculture going forward.

  • WE ARE "GLOBAL" in our identity.
  • WE MAKE EDUCATION AVAILABLE TO ALL in the contemporary spirit of a land-grant university.
  • WE NURTURE OUR PEOPLE – faculty, staff and students — for success, and we champion diversity, equity and inclusive excellence in all that we do.
  • WE ADDRESS GLOBAL CHALLENGES in food, life and natural resources by research and problem-solving with modern and novel science and technology.
  • WE ENGAGE WITH LOCAL-TO-GLOBAL COMMUNITIES in our service to people, and we focus on community-driven Extension programs.

This Big Picture view is manifested through the Mission, Vision, Goals and corresponding Strategic Initiatives described in our plan.

The Ideal of a Contemporary Land-Grant Mission

Embody the ideal of a contemporary land-grant mission to prepare tomorrow's leaders for meeting society's needs.

Key Characteristics
  • Education and experience at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and professional)for students from all walks of life, attending to their access and success — affordability, academic support, facilities and equipment, timely graduation, career placement and beyond — and signifying educational value.
  • Basic and applied research with relevance, purpose and responsiveness to societal needs, advancing education and providing experiences for professional growth.
  • Extension programs engaging partnerships with diverse constituencies in Indiana and, globally, toward meeting agricultural needs and challenges.

Growing a Sustainable Future

Achieve worldwide leadership in growing a sustainable future addressing challenges in food, life and natural resource sciences, working across disciplines.

Key Characteristics
  • People, purpose and productivity impacting integrative dimensions of food systems and environmental ecology with outstanding leadership in growing a sustainable future.
  • Premier undergraduate education with transformational experiences evidenced by innovative teaching and learning, comprehensive curricular content, experiential co-curricular activities, state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-value academic support services.
  • Coveted place of choice for talents from around the world to advance their education and experience through globally renowned graduate, postgraduate and professional programs.
  • Visionary research and applications toward meeting global challenges through discipline-based and interdisciplinary endeavors.
  • Community-driven engagement focusing on Extension programs with mutual partnerships supported by research and scholarship that add value to the greater good and strengthen lives and livelihoods in Indiana, extending to national and global communities.
  • Exemplary integration of programs amongst teaching, learning, research, scholarship and engagement as a catalyst for connecting with other disciplines in the College, the University and external constituencies.