Top Farmer Conference: January 5, 2024

Explore key factors influencing the U.S. economy & biofuels future. Join us for a one-day conference that will stimulate your thinking about agriculture's future and how you can position your farm to be successful in the years ahead. Attend in person in West Lafayette, Indiana or join us remotely.

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Alternative Futures for Agriculture: A Scenario Analysis Exercise

The point of scenario analysis is not to predict how the future will unfold, but rather to consider different scenarios that might occur and what the economic environment might look like in these scenarios. Participants then use these situations to consider what strategies their businesses might use were these situations to occur.

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Farm Growth: Venture Analysis and Business Models

Continued consolidation and concentration in the agricultural industries has stimulated numerous discussions and debates about the advantages and disadvantages of large vs. small firms and why the general trend/direction of most structural change in agriculture is to larger scale businesses.

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Is the Current Farm Prosperity Sustainable? What to Watch

Many are asking whether the current prosperity in farming is sustainable. The answer is not obvious, but the following “what to watch” list might provide a useful perspective to answer this question.

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Is This Farm Boom Different?

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Symposium, July 16-17, 2012 – Conference Rapporteur: Is This Farm Boom Different? | This has been a very stimulating and informative symposium. First,I will summarize the key “take-aways” of the presentations from my perspective. Then I will make some additional observations and identify some key uncertainties that are shaping the future of agriculture–“what to watch” in these turbulent times.

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Managing the Risk – Capturing The Opportunity in Crop Farming

Farming has always been a risky business with the returns to reward that risk available for only brief periods of time. The risk in agriculture today, particularly in crop production, is greater than it has been in the past, but there is opportunity to be rewarded for taking that risk.

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