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2019 News & Stories


Purdue College of Agriculture.

Making memories while making dough

Three generations of the Luse family gather every December, surrounded by holiday music and the lights from their Christmas tree. They share...

Purdue College of Agriculture.

Purdue program changes the drift of communication

A dozen years ago, Steve Smith could anticipate the calls coming in from farmers across the state. They’d report when and how much of their...

gantry system at {Purdue Agronomy Farm

Infrastructure, Faculty and Support Allow Purdue to Lead in Digital Ag Space

Many see digital agriculture and data science as the future of the industry. At Purdue University, the future is unfolding now, in different...

Table at Farmers Market

Pricing for Local Markets

The growth of local food movements offers farmers economic opportunities to access attractive markets for fresh locally-grown crops, such as...


digital ag

CONTxT Application

Purdue Agriculture researchers created the CONTxT application to help producers collect metadata from their fields.

soybean field with bins

Agriculture/Rural Supercluster Blueprint

The goals of the Agriculture/Rural SuperCluster are to develop projects, best practices and a blueprint to assist rural communities and...

uav in air

Setting the Record Straight on Precision Agriculture Adoption

There is a perception that adoption of precision agriculture (PA) has been slow. This study reviews the public data on farm level use of PA in crop...

uav in air

Farmer Perceptions of Precision Agriculture Technology Benefits

The objective of this research was to evaluate producers’ perspectives of four key precision agriculture technologies (variable rate...

Grocery Store Aisle

Crowdsourcing Data

Have you thought that the postings on social media can help improve food quality and safety? Scientists can use Artificial Intelligence to analyze...

soybean field with bins

Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture Crop Basis Tool

The Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture Crop Basis Tool is an open-access web-based tool that provides grain industry participants with access...


egg and teflon

Purdue scientist working to remove persistent chemicals from drinking water

Anyone who has enjoyed the ease of sliding a fried egg out of a Teflon-coated frying pan, not had to think twice about the grease from a...


Purdue College of Agriculture.

New to Purdue? Former freshmen share how they found friends, academic success and themselves

As one of over 600 freshmen joining Purdue’s College of Agriculture in August 2018, Cole Pearson worried about getting lost in the crowd....


Purdue College of Agriculture.

Six things you probably don’t know about kissing bugs

The Center for Disease Control recently issued a memo regarding the presence of the Triatoma sanguisuga insect in 12 states, including Indiana....


Purdue College of Agriculture.

Wide-open spaces fuel cowboy dreams

At the Solid Rock Red Angus ranch in Limon, Colorado, Jared Forgey marveled at the sight of 1,200 head of cattle stretching out as far as he could...


Purdue College of Agriculture.

Bug Appétit

“How long until humans start eating insects?” Andrea Liceaga, Purdue University professor of food science, asked. “We already are...


Purdue College of Agriculture.

Groundhogs can’t predict the weather but they do poop underground

Groundhogs are good at many things, said Brian MacGowan, Purdue University Extension wildlife specialist and Forestry and Natural Resources...

Purdue College of Agriculture.

Seed grants advance basic plant biology

An innovative seed grant program in its second year is meeting its goal of encouraging collaboration among researchers. Purdue Center for Plant...

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